How to earn money by selling photos online

If you are someone that loves taking photos (high-quality photos), instead of letting these pictures stuck in your gallery, you can gather them to prepare for stock photos. Although there are free stock photos, you can still make money by selling stock photos online.

So here goes the big question: how much can you earn from selling stock photos?

You can earn big selling stock photos. Some stock photo agencies pay in dollars, some in euro. You can also receive royalty. The fee ranges from 33% to 80% depending on the exclusivity of the image, the chosen license, and the rank of the photographer.

So let’s start discussing on what you will need to sell your high-quality stock photos.

  1. You will need original photos. If you want to sell photos online, you need to upload your original photos. All stock agencies will only approve and accept original photos. However, you can do some research on stock photo ideas that you can capture. There are different stock photo categories like women, nature, models, business; medical, etc. stock photo ideas are limitless.
  1. PayPal account. You need a PayPal account to get money. Most of the stock agencies will pay you through PayPal, so it is very advisable to have a PayPal account. Whereas getting a PayPal account is free and it takes a few seconds to get one.
  1. Stock photo agencies. If you want to sell your stock photo online, you need agents to help you distribute your artwork. That is the work of the stock photo agencies. You need to join one stock photo agency to help you distribute your photos so you can earn money.

So how can you get your photos approved?

  • You need to register accurately with your details and info.
  • Your pictures must be great and in high quality and high resolution or 4mp. Your photo must be at least 2400 x 1600 pixels. It is best to save the images in JPEG format.
  • Submit the photos clean without watermarks, marks, time, date or whatever other stuff.
  • Never for any reason present pornography or a picture filled with nudity. Pictures like that are always against every site’s term. So you should not make the mistake of posting porn or nudity.
  • Always submit photos in good qualities. Don’t send a low-quality photo.
  • Send stunning photos with different contrast, lightning, and contrast.

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