Five tips to find stock photos without wasting time

Any website offering stock photo will have thousands of photos on their website, so it would be quite difficult to get a picture you like. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Although it would be difficult to get an image of your choice, but that doesn’t mean it would be impossible to get it.

Looking at how difficult it is to find stock photos of your choice, I put together this article to give you five tips to find stock photos without wasting time. So let’s get started.

  1. Use multiple keyword search words. Using multiple keyword search words would make it easier for you to search for your stock photos. For instance, if you search for “women,” you will get thousands of images. And that is a lot of images to sort through. But by searching for “women holding a makeup brush’ would make it easier for you to search your stock photos. With using multiple keyword search words, you would be able to find your photos simpler and faster. Depending on the topic you want, you can use three to five keywords to search efficiently for your stock photos.
  1. Be specific in your photo search. You should be very specific in your photo search. Are you looking for a picture of a man, a woman, a child, a family, or a senior? You should be accurate in searching for your photos. Instead of searching for family, you can search for grandfather. That way, it would be effortless for you to find your photos. So the more specific you are in your photo search, the more targeted your results will be.
  1. Learn to use Advanced Search options. Most websites that offer stock photos are also offering Advanced Search Options. Although Advanced Search Options are not always the best intuitive to use, they can save you lots of time once you have figured out how to use them well. Sometimes, the best way to get a stock photo fast is to start with a broad and general keyword. After that, you can advance into a more advanced keyword.
  1. Exclude terms in your search. You can omit some words in your search to make your search easier and faster. For instance, if you want to a picture of a European city, but you don’t want it to be London or Amsterdam; you can search for “Cities Europe NOT London NOT Amsterdam.” As a result, you will get a wide choice of photos of European cities that are not London or Amsterdam.

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